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● Yyuyao kemanduo Plastic Co., Ltd is full of innovation and innovation to lead the industry
The company is full of people and is the creator of plastic chopping board kitchen health, and has always contributed to the wisdom, enthusiasm and perseverance of many people to lead the plastic cutting board industry innovation, transformation and development.
● Professional focus Uniqueness
Since its establishment in 2016, the company is a company that specializes in the production, development and sales of plastic cutting board products. It has always been “leading the development of the industry” as its mission, adhering to “where there are kitchens, there are many plastic chopping boards. The corporate mission of China's high-end chopping board is to create a first-class enterprise, cultivate a first-rate team, develop first-class products, and provide first-class services. The company has two brands, “Full House Lot” and “Chopsticks Language”. It has set up 22 offices in China and established long-term customers in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Now it has become a plastic chopping block. One of the industry's high-end production companies.
● Based on long-term, innovation
The company has consistently adhered to the principle of "doing an advantage first, and then doing the market", and constantly committed to technological progress and innovation, so as to achieve a combination of perfect products and markets. In terms of technology, we are gradually advancing the reform and transformation from the traditional production mode to the automatic production mode of machinery; in terms of products, we are always satisfied with the product quality and novel and fashionable design concepts that are never satisfied. The good cutting board; in management, we uphold the "school, family," the company's core culture, and strive to create a responsible, dedicated, executive, and obedient production management and sales executive team; in marketing We have stepped into the age of marketing with the four major advantages of marketing products to enter the era of marketing combination with five major competitive marketing advantages. We will continue to innovate, improve, and promote office service models in service, to truly make every customer Can feel full of timely, accurate and thoughtful sales service. The growth process began in the chopping board industry in 2013. In 2016, the company successfully developed high-end compound chopping boards and established and set up factories. In 2017, the domestic high-end chopping boards were loved and concerned by customers. They were recognized by their peers. The future full-scale chopping boards promote development. Tomorrow's efforts will be even more brilliant!


To dig into customer resources is the basis of work, and cooperation and interaction are the process of our work; cost savings, profit maximization, quality service, and advancing with the times are the focus of our work, and a win-win result is the result of our work.

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