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In life, we will inevitably encounter all kinds of trivial problems. Grasping some tricks and applying subtotals may make life difficult. Here are some tips that you may not yet know.

Pots and pans are placed vertically. Many people are accustomed to putting washed dishes together in cupboards. In fact, this is not hygienic. It is a good idea to place the dishes commonly used in the home upright or upside down on a dish rack, or to control the water and put it in a sterilizer.

Plastic cutting board more bacteria. Compared with wooden cutting boards, plastic cutting boards are favored by more and more people due to their light weight and easy cleaning. However, a recent study by the University of Wisconsin shows that plastic cutting boards have more bacteria than wood cutting boards. The researchers found that bacteria including Salmonella were difficult to survive on wooden cutting boards overnight, but instead of plastic cutting boards, these bacteria survived and thrived.

Do not forget to wipe the end of the pot. There is a layer of unsightly black stains on the frying pan and steamer at home for a long time. Not only does it affect the appearance, but it is also troublesome to scrub. Note that the following 3 points can effectively prevent the formation of the bottom of the black pan: Select a wide-side pan to block the outflow of oil and water. Don't use the radian too much for the spatula, otherwise it is easy to bring out the grease when turning the dish. It is recommended to use a straight plate. After each cleaning, the pan must be wiped with a rag to avoid any residual water stains.

Bath towel wash once a month. Take a shower, pick up the towel to clean it, and then put the towel on the towel rack to get out of the bathroom.... One action that we inadvertently take after each bath may bring potential health problems. Because if the bath towel is not cleaned in time, the bacteria it carries can even rival the toilet in the house.

The elderly should not choose the sofa too soft and too low. There are more and more low sofas in the market. Although they are fashionable, they are not suitable for the elderly. When the seat is too low, the old man's thigh's stress surface is reduced and it feels sore. When sitting on a low sofa, the center of gravity is low. The old people feel particularly strenuous when they stand up, and they are more likely to fall due to an unstable center of gravity. The height of the seat is about 42 centimeters, which is equal to the best calf height.


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