The chopping board that determines the safety of your food, did you choose to use right?

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The material of the cutting board is plastic, wood, bamboo, tempered glass, etc. The characteristics of the cutting boards of different materials are also different, and each has advantages and disadvantages. For everyone to briefly introduce the more common three materials.

1. Wood:

The density of wood cutting boards is relatively high, and the toughness is also strong and strong. However, there are many types of wooden cutting boards and it is difficult to pick out high quality cutting boards.

Some wooden cutting boards (such as wubaimu) contain toxic substances and have an odor. Cutting vegetables is likely to have a negative impact on health. There are also relatively loose wood cutting boards (such as poplar), which are not sufficiently hard and have cracks on the surface and knife marks. If the cleaning is not thorough, bacteria can easily grow.

In comparison, the overall quality of cutting boards made from white oak, white fruit, saponins, birch or willow is better.

Before buying a wooden cutting board, you can smell the smell first. If there is a taste of acid and acid, it is likely to contain sulfur. It is not recommended to buy it.

There are also some manufacturers who use inferior wood in order to reduce costs. The color of these boards is whiter than ordinary wood. Because inferior wood is darker, manufacturers often use sulphur to bleach and bleach. The residual sulfur dioxide in such chopping boards can seriously harm human health.

2. Bamboo quality:

Bamboo cutting board is slightly lighter than wood, not easily falsified, the quality is relatively stable, more safe to use, but compared with wood cutting board, the density is small, and the thickness is not enough, mostly for splicing, can not be hit hard when used.

There are a small number of chopping boards on the market. The surface of the chopping board is full of bamboo. The surface of the chopping board does not use chemical reagents, and it is not easy to crack. It is very healthy and environmentally friendly, but the price is slightly higher.


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